Watering can 10l – 21730

Watering can with a capacity of 10 liters is a basic gardening tool for the outdoor and indoor plant growers. In our offer you may find a wide range of watering cans!

Watering cans are made of plastic material of high quality. Each of watering cans is fitted with comfortable, ergonomic handle, so that watering is a pleasant and quick piece of work. Removable strainer allows for the regulation of water supply for plants.

With its aesthetical and stylish design this useful tool may decorate your window sill and garden.
Watering can capacity: 10l.

Watering cans are available in two basic colors: green and orange.

In our offer you may also find watering cans with capacities of 2l and 5l.

index capacity (l) pcs./bag pcs./truck
(without pallets)
21730 10 10 3400