Perfectly matched garden brush to your needs – this is the must have tool for every homeowner.

Introducing our new product – the Cross garden brush .
Brushes are available either solo or with a matching metal handle 1200 mm long .

The broom housing is made of a sturdy beech tree, with edges aesthetically finished and sides rounded.

The housing is 400x55x18 mm
70 mm long bristles are made of solid PET / PVC in green and black colour.

The bristle is quite rigid and fixed in to the housing in such a way that it crosses, creating a double lock against even the smallest piece of litter.

Optimally matched length, density and placement of the bristles allow for very thorough sweeping of various surfaces: wooden terraces, paving stones or tarmaced streets. We recommend a brush especially for cleaning sand or soil.

To accommodate a shaft (diameter 22 to 25 mm) a versatile plastic bracket has been attached to the housing.

index pcs./carton carton dimensions (cm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
U400GM UNI 10 40x30x31 480 200