U400 DUO PL Street brush



        A perfectly matched brush for the needs of the user – this is the standard tool for both the home, garden owner and the employee who converts public streets or production halls. Street Gardeco brushes will surely meet your expectations!

The brush housing is made of plastic, however a pattern and structure resembling wood. The edges are aesthetically finished, the sides are rounded, and thanks to the universal dimension of the housing 400x65x63 mm will fit into every cleaning cabinet.


23 mm drilled bore at the top of the housing of U400 DUO PL is placed for attaching the handle. The bore is at the angle, thus it makes the brush has a comfortable angle of incline and the work is more pleasant and effective.

75 mm long bristle is made of durable nylon material and is black in colour.
The middle 2 rows of bristles are made of metal wire. These metal bristles are very stiff, thus the brush is effective in cleaning the dried and frozen litter. Optimally matched length and density of bristles make it possible to thoroughly clean the streets, sidewalks, and production halls.

In our offer we have a set of brushes with a handle U400 DUO PL P And a brush on the wooden frame U400.3 DUO


index pcs./carton carton dimensions (cm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
U400 DUO PL 10 45x26x30 470 200