U400 DUO PL P Street brush with shaft

The perfectly matched brush for the needs of the user – is the basic tool for both home gardeners and street cleaners, factories, large halls or farms.
Introducing our product: Brush U400.3 DUO P with handle
The U400.3 DUO kit is a U400.3 DUO with wood handle of 1400 mm length – useful when cleaning heavily contaminated areas, such as farm houses, farms or sheds. It will also be necessary to clear the iced pavements.

The brush holder was made from a sturdy beech tree , its sides are rounded and aesthetically finished.
The dimension of the housing is 400 x 65 x 22 mm .


The metal handle is 24 mm long and 75 mm long , which is designed for convenient attachment of the handle. The handle has a hole to pierce the nail into the handle. The handle angle is 30 degrees, which means that the handle is in an ergonomic position , making sweeping comfortable and effective .

There is also a fixed metal scraper measuring 300 x 65 mm on one side which is folded in one direction.

The four stiff and strong rows of bristles brushes are 78 mm long and have been made of durable PET/PVC black in color. Two middle rows of bristles are metal . Optimized length and density of bristles allows for thorough sweeping of different surfaces, and metal bristles and scraps remove even old, icy and heavy dirt.

In our offer are also available brushes with scraper U400.3.DUO without Cap and brush U300.3 .