U25BU-U60BU Street brush


Red street brush with a bore
Perfectly matched to your needs – this is the standard tool for home and garden owners, as well for municipality cleaners.

A wide range of our street-style brushes will surely meet your expectations!

The broom handle was made from sturdy beech tree .
With the Gardeco , you can adjust the broom size to your needs – available in 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm widths. The length and height of the housing are 65×22 mm.


Bristle 78 mm in length and made from durable PET / PVC material. Bristles are red in colour. Optimised length and density of bristles make it possible to accurately sweep different surfaces – streets, pavements, industrial halls or lawns.

For improved comfort 22mm diameter bore has been drilled at an angle of 30 degrees. Thus the shaft has an optimum angle of inclination so that cleaning is convenient and effective.

We do offer street brushes with metal handle and steel scraper. To complete the brush we offer metal and wooden shafts.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
U25BU 250x65x22 10 810 99 Band
U30BU 300x65x22 24 1344 210 300x380x270
U40BU 400x65x22 24 1008 210 405x380x270
U50BU 500x65x22 12 780 215 505x130x395
U60BU 600x65x22 12 720 215 605x130x395