Terrace scrubbing brush

The SZRN and SZRB terrace brush is a product for special tasks. It is necessary when cleaning terraces of various types, but above all wooden. Also useful when cleaning the stairs.

The brush holder is made of durable beech tree. It is rounded and aesthetically finished.
The size of the luminaire is 195x64x22 mm.
The hole for the handle has a diameter of 22 mm.

The bristles are very stiff and 30 mm long, they are made of durable high-quality raw material for SZRN brushes – PPN / PET, and SZRB brushes – for soft brushes.


Optimally matched type, stiffness and bristle length and density of the damping allows for thorough cleaning of wooden terraces, gaps between boards and in hollows in the tree structure in the case of terraces made of exotic raw materials.

Our offer also includes brushes for SCRAP terraces, terrace brushes TAN, TAD and TAP

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
195x64x22 70 2800 190 400x300x350