A: Multi Dustpan + rakes + shaft set
B: Set Multi Dustpan with garden hand brush
C: Multi Dustpan + broom + shaft set

(hereinafter „TC”)


  1. The organiser of the promotion, in the form of bonus sales, named “Your individual discout”, hereinafter „the Promotion”, is Gardeco ltd. Based in Cracow at Rydlówka 5, VAT UE: PL 6793080473, hereinafter „the Organiser”.
  2. The goal of the Promotion is to promote three sets of Gardeco products for garden: a set comprising Gardeco garden scoop and dust brush (Art. No. (SKU) 24953), a set comprising a garden scoop and a broom with shafts (Art. No. (SKU) 24519), a set comprising a garden scoop and leaf rakes with shafts (Art. No. (SKU) 24984). The products are available via an internet or telephone order to a chosen salesman of Gardeco ltd.
  3. The offer applies to the customers, who have agreed to receive the newsletter of the Gardeco brand.
  4. The duration of the promotion includes the period from the 4th of Januray 2018 to 25th of January 2018, subject to the provisions of §3 p. 8 of TC.
  5. The organiser must include in the e-mail a contact for a salesman of choice in order to take further steps.
  6. The promotion is organised for the global market.


  1. In the Promotion a discount is granted to every firm present on the mailing list.
  2. A company, which expresses an interest in participating in the compaign by writing an application to the address marketing@gardeco.com.pl will be granted one discount. If more than one person in one company is subscribed for the newsletter (in one company the newsletter is sent to multiple receivers), the discount is not granted to all the receivers of the newsletter in one company, the discounts cannot be combined. One company is granted one discount.
  3. Since Gardeco offers one pricelist to retailers, and another pricelist applies to distributors and e-commerce, every discount is granted individually to each of the participants of the promotion compaign.


  1. The promotion is intended for firms (b2b), which purchase the Product included in the Promotion as the customers of Gardeco.
  2. The products are not sold by number. They are sold in displays.
    Art. No. (SKU) 24519 and Art. No. (SKU) – the size of the display is 40x60x120 cm. One display can accommodate 26 products. One pallet of the size of 120x80x140 can hold 4 displays.
    Art. No. (SKU) 24953 – the size of the display is 40x40x120 cm. One display can accommodate 26 products. One pallet can hold 6 displays.
  3. The minimal worth of an order of each of the products is 30 displays.
  4. The employees of the Organiser are excluded from the Promotion.
  5. The participation in the Promotion and submitting the data related to the participation is voluntary.
  6. In order to participate in the Promotion and receive a discount, during the duration period of the Promotion, a representative of a company, should:
    1. write an e-mail with an information about wanting to participate in the promotion campaign on the address marketing@gardeco.com.pl in order to be granted an individual discount and receive information of a contact person (salesman) in an e-mail,
    2. make an order to the assigned salesperson, for at least one of the specified products and for at least 30 displays.
  7. Performing the actions mentioned in p. 6 shall be understood as Participant’s participation in the Promotion (hereinafter „Application”).
  8. A Participant can supply one Application and receive one discount for a firm (unless the user has more business activities).
  9. The discount will be granted to the Participant immediately after an employee of a service point concludes, that the Participant has submitted for the promotion correctly.


  1. Any complaints regarding conducting the Promotion should be submitted by the Participants via e-mail to the salesman, with whom the order was made.
  2. The complaints will be reviewed by the organiser within 7 (seven) days from receiving the complaint.


  1. The following TC is available on our website www.gardeco.com.pl .
  2. The organiser reserves the right to change the following TC at any time without providing reasons. However, the changes in TC cannot violate the rights acquired by the Participants.

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