Telescopic car snow brush – 23536

Telescopic car snow brush and car snow scraper are perfect tools that every car should be equipped with in the autumn-winter season. Gardeco has combined these two helpers into a single product to make these operations much easier.

Versatile comfortable handy car brush with a scraper allows you to perform 3 tasks:
1. To sweep snow from the car. This operation is possible to perform with the brush on a plastic cover. Telescopic aluminum handle removes snow from high cars, buses, trucks.
2. To remove the frost from the glass. This operation is possible with the help of the scraper and its flat side.
3. To remove ice. This operation is possible to perform by the serrated side of the scraper.

The brush holder is made of strong and frost resistant polypropylene. The dimension of the frame is 190 × 32 mm. The back of the brush is fitted with a comfortable grip. Optimal density of impaled medium stiff fiber with split tips allows for effective and safe manual removing snow from your car. The bicolor fiber is available in three sets: black-red, black-violet and black-yellow.

The total brush length is 880 mm. When the telescopic aluminum shaft is extended, the brush length is 1140 mm.
The handle of the aluminum stem is covered with two-tone sponge on the central 140 mm section that makes the brush holder stable and comfortable to hold.
A plastic scraper with dimensions of 130 × 100 mm is placed at the end of the stem.
On one side the scraper is smooth and on the other it is fitted with plastic teeth – to remove ice from the glass.
The raw materials used in the brush production are: high quality plastic and aluminum. This makes the telescopic brush for snow removal of the car very light and comfortable to use.
In our offer you may also find smaller snow removal brushes: 23543, 23550, 23567 and a scraper – 23475.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
23536 870 22 572 220 1150x380x150