Street brushes U300PL, U400PL, 500PL, U600PL

A perfectly matched brush for the needs of the user – this is the basic tool for a homeowner with a garden, so the employee who sweeps through the street or production halls. Street Gardeco brushes will surely meet your expectations!

The brush head is made of plastic though with a pattern and structure resembling wood.
The edges are aesthetically finished, rounded sides, and thanks to universal dimensions of the housing which are as follow:
U300Pl – 300x65x63 mm
U400PL – 400x65x63 mm
U500PL – 500x65x63 mm
U600PL – 600x65x63 mm

the brush will fit into any cleaning cabinet.


The threaded shaft hole has a diameter of 23 mm and is located top/side of the housing, connecting a shaft at angle to keep the brush in a convenient position in order to make gardening work easy and enjoyable.

70 mm long bristles are made of durable nylon, green or black-orange in colour. Bristles are quite hard and densely impaled, furthermore splitted ends of bristles make the brush more effective in cleaning dust and small litter.
Optimally matched length and density of bristles allows for thorough sweeping of backyards, street, pavements and production halls.

index pcs./carton carton dimensions (cm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
U300PL 10 35x26x30 540 195
U400PL 10 45x26x30 470 200
U500PL 10 55x26x30 360 195
U600PL 10 65x26x30 300 195