Squeegee – 23598


It is important for every car owner to maintain cleanliness and order in his or her vehicle, so products such as squeegees are very popular.
We offer you a convenient solution – a product that combines two functions : a grid-coated sponge that effectively removes dirt and a rubber component that removes water from car glasses, leaving the surface clean and shiny.
The dimension of functional part of the squeegee is 200 × 35 mm. The frame is made of strong and durable polypropylene. On one side of the frame there is a sponge coated with grid and on the other side the rubber component is fixed.
The squeegee has a 620 mm long aluminum shaft. The handgrip of the handle is covered with two-color sponge, so that the grip is stable and comfortable.
The squeegee is comfortable in use and very effective in the fight against dirt.
In our offer you may also find several types of car wash brushes: 23581, 23505, 23529, 23499.

index dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
23598 460 30 450 220 700x380x400