Snow mover – 20474

Equip yourself for harsh winter months with a personal hand held snow plough – snow mover.

Gardeco snow plough is destined to push large amount of fallen snow.
Is made out of sturdy polypropylene with an aluminium handle, dimension of a snow pusher are as follow: 795 × 440 mm, with attached handle is 139 cm in height.
The snow plow is simple to use and the smooth surface of the scoop makes it easy to tip out the snow you have collected.

The hand-held snow plough will effectively clear pathways, driveways, pavements and car parking spaces quickly. The metal edging on the snow scoop reinforces the snow plough and ensures it is durable enough to cut through icy patches and frozen snow.

In addition to our snow plow, we do offer smaller snow shovels for snow removal:
Snow shovels 20788, 21112
Metal snow shovel J5412

index dimensions (mm) pcs./bundle pcs./pallet carton dimensions (mm)
20474 795x440x1390 10 100 1200x400x270