Slim Line Snow Brush with Ice Scraper

Slimline Snow Brush with Ice Scraper

Slimeline Snow Brush with Ice Scraper allows your to remove unwanted winter snow and ice from your window. The built in ice picks allow your to easily break ice prior to scraping them off while being scratch free and gentle on your vehicle. Foam non-slip grip also makes cleaning with snow broom and ice a breeze.

FEATURES: 2-in-1 design allows you to break then scrape ice and brush snow frost off Wind-Shield.

MADE OF: Durable and heavy duty material to with-hold even the toughest layer of freezer ice .

MULTIPLE BUILT IN Snow p picks allow your to break ice while foam grip handle allow comfort-ability.

EASY to STORE: Slim design best allows your to store the brush when not in use – conveniently store in your vehicle’s trunk

index fibre lenght
pcs./carton carton
pcs./pallet pallet
26117 PET/PPN 570 24 620 x 190 x 290 1008 1200 x 800 x 1800