Red street brush with hole + shaft U30BU P

Perfectly matched brush for the needs of the user – this is the standard tool for both homeowners and garden cleaners, street, factories and large halls sweepers.

Presented product: 1400 mm long stem

The brush husing was made from sturdy beech tree .
The size of the housing is 300x65x22 mm.


78 mm long bristle, red in colour, is made of solid PET / PVC material.

Optimized density of the bristles allows for thorough sweeping of various surfaces – streets, pavements, industrial halls or lawns.

22 mm diameter bore has been drilled at an angle of 30 degrees, so that the shaft has an optimum angle of inclination so that cleaning is convenient and effective.

In our offer are also available street brushes with metal handle and steel scraper. Metal and wooden handles are available.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./display pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) display dimensions (cm)
U30BU P 300x65x22 54 324 155 40x40x155