Rake for kids – 23352

Rake as a basic gardening tool is indispensable not only for removing grass, leaves or twigs but also for other cleaning-up tasks on flower beds, sidewalks and in orchards.

In the offer of Gardeco you may find a variety of these gardening implements suitable for adults and children.

Rakes offered by Gardeco are made of plastic material of high quality – polypropylene. These products have compact dimensions of 195 × 38 × 14 mm.

Being light in weight and handy these rakes perfectly suit the tastes of children!


The product is fitted with wooden handle, which is 700 mm long, carefully polished and meticulously finished.

The total length of the product is 780 mm.

For standard orders rakes are available in four colors: orange, pink, blue and yellow. For larger orders these gardening tools may be produced in any other color chosen by the Customer.

The product has been specially designed for children – it is safe, without sharp protruding parts and is made of high quality materials that are not harmful to humans.

We also offer versions for adults available for sale in orange and black colors, with or without handle.

In our offer you may find many other garden tools for children such as 2-litre capacity watering can, shovel 21037 and 3 versions of brushes: red mini-linear village 21723, brush SDG and most popular among our young Customers brush with long fiber 24809.

index dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
23352 195x14x780 18 504 176 800x300x230