Premium Ultra-Plush Wash Mitt

Premium Ultra-Plush Wash Mitt

Probably the most professional glove you can get in such an amazing price! Some may say that this tool is a true revolution in car care.

This particular handglove has fibres which are made of extremly delicate and soft material – natural wool. It is likely that even most choosey professionals in car detailing value the quality of this filaments which cover one side of the glove. The other side is a pocket sheltered with a small net. It has also a rubber strechy handband which fits every hand and prevents falling down of the glove.

All the working area of around 200 x 230 mm (in its widest points) leaves the paint of the car with no microscratches. Give us a little bit of trust and in return we give a guarantee that your vehicle will remain in it’s perfect condition for a long time.

Such an amazing equipment must be well-kept. You are not allowed to leave it to dry in the sun or wash it in washing machine. After use, just rinse it and let it dry with the fibres directed upwards.

While buying our Premium Ultra Wash-Mitt you do not get only the best washing glove on the market, but also 100% of satisfaction!

index carton dimensions [mm] pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet [mm]
27831 300 x 150 x 290 20 2800 1200 x 800 x 2200