Sweeper with metal brackets – Z80NU.4, Z100NU.4

Perfectly suited to fulfil your needs – this is a standard tool for homeowners and garden cleaners, factories and large halls.

Sweepers with reinforcing brackets are especially recommended for sweeping large production and storage halls.

The brush housing is made from sturdy beech tree .
800 and 1000 mm available width of the sweeper. The length and height of the housing are 55×18 mm.
The brush is equipped with a metal socket for attaching a 22 mm diameter shaft.
In addition, the brush is reinforced with a wide metal support.


55 mm long bristles, black in colour are made of very strong PET PET / PPN.
Optimized density of bristles allows you to thoroughly sweep different surfaces – floors in the apartment, industrial rooms or streets, for example.
Metal support brackets make the brush more durable and stable, making it possible to swiftly sweep large areas – like halls, shops or streets.

We also offer sweepers with longer bristles, sweepers without metal overlays and sweepers with PPN / PET bristles >. Wooden and metal shafts are available for our.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
Z80NU.4 800x55x18 10 350 240 805x220x310
Z100NU.4 1000x55x18 10 210 240 1005x220x310