Multi Dustpan with shaft – 24014/24496

Multi dustpan with shaft l – a versatile tool that will make your garden and farm work faster and more efficient.

Dustpan dimension are as follow 380x390x120 mm.

For a comfort and convenience the multi dustpan has been designed to be used with a comfortable handle of a size of 95 × 33 mm and a 22 mm diameter hole for attaching the handle.

In our offer you will find both the sole multi dustpan and the complete set with the shaft of various lengths. Given model has a shaft length of 1200 mm with a diameter of 22 mm.


Multi dustpans are made of strong and resilient material – polypropylene.

The optimum length, width and depth of the multi dustpan allows you to use the product to collect leaves, watering flowers, carrying top soil, sand or gravel. Multi dustpan excel well when tasked with feeding hens and chickens.

Universal garden shovel with handle can be used in every application!

Available shovels in black, green, aquamarine, pink, blue and orange colour.
We also offer garden rakes and sets of a broom and multi dustpan.

index dimensions (mm) pcs./carton carton dimensions (mm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
24014 380x390x120 12 1200 x 400 x 260 216 235