Microfiber Glove

Microfiber Glove

Washing a car was probably never as easy as it is with soft, delicate Microfiber Glove!

High quality and durability are not the only advantages of this item. A rubber strechy handband protects from water pouring inside while cleaning and also from sliding the glove off your hand. It also fits every hand, doesn’t matter if you’re a grown man or a teenager caring for the first car. There’s no need to add, but it’s water absorption will impress each distruster. The functional part of around 200 x 200 mm makes cleaning fast and convenient. It’s safe for the paint and it’s environmentally-friendly as it requires not much water and soap.

A vivid colour of the fibres will make even a rainy day more pleasant for cleaning! The dust, oil and dirt are powerless against this product!

After use you can easily wash it in a washing machine because it doesn’t need any special care. It should be no suprise that this glove will save plenty of your time!

index carton dimensions [mm] pcs./carton pcs./ pallet pallet dimensions [mm]
28029 300 x 150 x 290 20 2800 1200 x 800 x 2200