Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set

Long handle dustpan and brush set

LNMKPL set consists of long handle brush and metal dustpan with a flat bottom and brush holder.

Sweeper was made of durable beech wood. The briste of the sweeper is a mix of natural and nylon fibre, and has the length of 60mm. The brush frame has dimensions: 225x400x23mm and total length of the handle is 725mm.

For this brush we adopted metal dustpan (available in black, creme, grey and pink colors), with dimensions: 255x210x55mm. It contains comfortable long handle with a length of 750mm.


A well-designed set with a rustic look will definately meet your expectations. Long handles of both sweeper and dustpan allow easy and convenient cleaning, without having to stoop down.

In our offer you can find also other sweepers ZMBB, ZMNB, ZMN, i szufelki 22096 i 22102.

index bristles carton dimensions
pcs/carton pcs/pallet pallet height
LNMKPL mix 265 x 915 x 245 9 180 211
LNWKPL horse hair 265 x 915 x 245 9 180 211
LNKKPL kokos 265 x 915 x 245 9 180 211