Long Nature Car Snow Brush with Ice Scraper

Car Snow Brush with Scraper Nature
Car Snow Brush with Scraper Nature

Car snow brush with scraper is used to easily remove snow, frost and ice from car windows. The scraper is made of high quality material resistant to low temperatures.

The brush-scraper is handy and easy to use. The handle is available in a smooth and ribbed version. It is made of durable beech wood. With this brush, preparing the windshield for driving will take less time and will be much more pleasant.

Product features:

  • convenient handle
  • very good split hair.
  • high quality
  • produced in Poland
  • frost and snow comes down in one stroke
  • it will definitely last many seasons
  • good logistics
  • resistant to frost
  • very good gift for all motorized friends!

index length
pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height
26582 700 10 360 2200 straight
26599 700 10 360 2200 ribbed