Lawn grid plate 30 mm- 24564/24571

Lawn grid plate
Lawn grid plate
Lawn grid plate

The lawn grid plate 30 mm is designed to reinforce the surface in an environmentally friendly manner and does not interfere with the nature and physical features of the terrain.
The Gardeco lawn grid plate is made of plastic. It has dimensions of 590 × 395 × 30 mm.
Self-locking hooks attached to the sides make the assembly of grates easy and fast.
There are 4.2 grates per 1 m2.
The Gardeco lawn grid plate is an excellent alternative to concrete and asphalt coatings, as being better suited to extensive green areas, driveways, access roads, parking areas, slopes and pavements.


After sowing grass or using a different filling, the grid becomes practically invisible being at the same time more resistant to mechanical damage.
In our offer you will find lawn grid plates in green and black.
There is also a possibility of packing lawn grid plates sets – 4 pieces in a package – product 24588.

38-mm thick grids – 23765/23758 are also available in our offer.

index (black/green) dimensions (mm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
24564/24571 590x395x30 128 120 (stackable)
24588 (set – 4 pcs) 590x395x120 32 sets 120 (stackable)