Lawn border


The lawn edge is intended for the aesthetic finishing off of various types of surfaces, preventing grass overgrowth and separating the lawn from the rebates or cultivated part of the garden.

The rim is made of plastic. It has a dimension of 1000x60x45 mm.
To ease affirming it into the ground, plastic anchors, which are included in a kit, go through bored bottom part of a lawn edge. Anchors are 190 mm long

Gardeco’s edge perfectly separates the lawn from, for example the pavement and will make your garden look neat and elegant.

The lawn grates (lawn grids) are also available.

index dimensions (mm) pcs./display pcs./pallet displays/pallet display dimensions (mm) pallet height (cm)
01915 1000x80x45 50 300 6 1200x40x38 120
23710 1000x80x70 30 180 6 1200x40x38 120