Grill brush SG

Grill cleaning brush is a product for special tasks. It is indispensable for cleaning dirty body and grill grate.
Built-in steel overlay without any problem removes grilled dried and strongly clung remnants of fat and food, and specially cut side of overlay perfectly scrubs the grate bars.
The mount of the brush is made of durable beech wood. It is rounded and beautifully finished. Its dimensions are 311 × 60 ×18 mm.


Protruding metal scraper in front of the brush sized 72 × 13 mm is made of steel.
The handle of the brush is extremely long and measures approximately 200 mm. It is slightly contoured and comfortable in holding.
The bristles of a length of 300 mm are made of durable raw material “union”.
Optimally matched length and density of studded bristles allow for
thorough cleaning of all the elements of the grill, and the metal cap with special tips additionally removes all hard and firmly clung leftovers.

Our offer also includes lawnmower cleaning brush with plastic overlay SK and flower pot cleaning brush SON.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
SG 320x60x15 12 1296 111 190x120x320