Garden fencing

Designed to separate flowerbeds, garden pathways and other surfaces poured with e.g. bark chippings, ornamental stones. It is a decorative element for every garden. Its major advantage is its elasticity, which allows for forming lines, curves or circles. The elements can be mutually connected, which makes it possible to create arrangements of any length. The fence is available in the following colours: light brown, brown, gray and black.
The height of the palisade is 116 mm, the width is 593 mm. It is made of polymer (PP material), thus it is very resistant to weather conditions. The fencing is easy to install, it should be just put into a pre—cut hole in the ground.

index pcs./display display dimensions (mm) display./pallet pallet height (cm)
25332 120 600 x 400 x 25 28 120 x 80 x 195