Fireplace set – 20696

It is a perfectly matched set. The product is useful when in contact with hot objects.
It looks climatically. It is necessary for owners of fireplaces and grills.

The set consists of a brush with coconut hair and an extended handle and a metal scoop.

The brush was made of hard beech wood.
The size of the brush holder is 420x38x15 mm.

The handy handle is longer than the standard one – it is 250 mm long. Cleaning is comfortable and pleasant.
The bristle brush is made of coconut raw material and is 67 mm long.

We fitted the shovel to the brush. It is made of steel sheet.
Its size is 190x112x30 mm.
It has a wooden handy handle 280 mm long.

Natural, heat and heat-resistant brush material and scoops, allows you to use the set for cleaning work by the fireplace and grill.

The fireplace set has been aesthetically made and has a stylish, rustic look, so it can be a decorative element by the fireplace.

The offer includes other ZMBB, ZMNB, ZMN sweepings and scoops 22096 and 22102

index pcs./carton pcs./pallet
20696 12 600