F1500 Street brush with shaft

Perfectly matched to your needs – this is the standard tool for both a homeowner and a streetsweeper maintaining cleanness in your local area.
Street Gardeco brushes will surely meet your expectations!
The brush and metal pole 1400 mm long are part of a set.

The brush head is made of plastic though with a pattern and structure resembling wood.
The edges are aesthetically finished, rounded sides, and thanks to universal dimensions of the housing which are as follow:
460x65x63 mm
600x65x63 mm
F1500 brush is equipped in two bores, in order to attach various standard shafts – one with American thread and the other standard with 23mm diameter thread.


The threaded shaft holes are located top/side of the housing, connecting a shaft at angle to keep the brush in a convenient position in order to make gardening work easy and enjoyable.

To ease cleaning of spillages the F1500 brush has been equipped on one side with a rubber strip,

70 mm long and green in colour bristles are made of durable PET / PPN. Bristles are quite hard and densely impaled, furthermore splitted ends of bristles make the brush more effective in cleaning dust and small litter.
Optimally matched length and density of bristles allows for thorough sweeping of backyards, street, pavements and production halls.

index length (cm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
F1500 46 6 234 216.5
F1502 60 6 216 201