Dry Body Brush

Today’s reality makes us hurry at every turn. So as to be able to achieve all of our desired goals, the balance and the cooperation between our bodies and minds are crucial! Investing in your wellness is the best you can do not only to reward yourself after everyday matters, but also to make yourself even stronger while facing them! Are you curious how to do so? Do not worry, we won’t leave you without solution!


The efficiency of Dry Body Brush, which we’ve created, is not based on empty words – we use it too! Its extra firm, natural tampico bristles have a brilliant impact on one’s health – starting from improved venous blood circulation, reduced problem of ingrown hair and ending with toxins released from user’s system in a faster and way more pleasant way. Maybe you’re suffering from arthritis? Or you’ve noticed an immune deficiency? Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system as well – just a few sessions and all these troubles will become a distant memory.

And what’s not less important than all these health benefits – remember that your body is like a temple! Who does not deserve a bit of relax while stress-releasing ritual? Such a careful, regular massage done with our Dry Body Brush is, above all, the easiest way to treat yourself with a little pleasure. Believe us, it’s a first step to fight with the results of sedentary work that accompanies us currently at every step.

Tampico bristles are natural plant bristle that won’t scratch the skin. For these, who are not sure about it or their skin need even more sensitive treatment, we use also another type of bristles: nylon from recycled materials or bristle – for fragile skin. Besides, the frame of Dry Body Brush is made of high quality beechwood and have comfortable hand strap – it’s finished with care so no splinter harmed the user’s inner hand.

Make your product unique! The hand strips are available in various designs suggested by us, but since we aim to meet our customers’ expectations – you can also create your own brush design! Your product family, your brand – with us you have a free rein to get the items exactly how you imagined them to be. For example finishing your brushes with your logo or individual print – we will be happy to provide you with the project formed thanks to your tips and leads. The complexity of our services includes helping you develop packaging according to your specifications as well!