Drainage channel – 1738, M2684

Drainage channel
Drainage channel
Drainage channel
Drainage channel
Drainage channel
Drainage channel

The Gardeco drainage channel is useful for draining water from sidewalks, squares, roads, garages, sports facilities, etc. It is the ideal option for those who truly value simple, comfortable and sustainable solutions.

The Gardeco drainage channel is extremely durable, resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion-resistant and easy to install.

The linear drainage module consists of a 1000x130x98 mm channel and a metal or plastic grille that is fastened to the duct by means of metal or plastic screws.


In addition, the individual components of the system can be adjusted to individual customers’ needs and shortened by a 10-cm module without losing functionality and ease of assembly.

Unlike to drainage systems offered by competitors, our system has the capability to both lateral and bottom water removal.

The use of polypropylene as a channel material guarantees a high chemical resistance including acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents.

Load class A15 – 1.5 tons.

In the offer are also available single system elements – a 1 m long channel with a metal grille – article 1738 or a plastic grille – article 1718 as well as a complete 3-meter system – article M2684 consisting of 3 channels 1738 (or 1718), a cap 1744 and a conector 1819.

index dimensions (mm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) grid
1718 1000x130x98 102 185 plastic
1738 1000x130x98 102 185 metal
index articles in set carton dimensions (mm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
M2684 1738 (or 1718) – 3 pcs.
1744 – 1 pcs.
1819 – 1 pcs.
1085x135x300 48 sets 255