Companion set – 24915

Companion set
Companion set
Companion set

Perfectly suited when handling hot ashes from your still warm fireplace.
The essential and yet stylish fireside kit, has been designed with fireplace and barbeque owners in mind.

The set consists of a brush with metal handle and metal: shovel, poker and stand.

The handle is longer than the standard. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably within palms of your hand and makes cleaning convenient and enjoyable.


The optimum length and density of the bristles make the brush very effective and with ease removes even the smallest ash particles.

We have paired together a brush with a shovel made of steel.
It has a comfortable metal handle.
The shovel is profiled – on each side as well as on the back, by bending sheet metal upwards. Thus ashes do not spill out and stay the middle of a shovel.

Natural, heat-resistant material of a brush and shovel, allows you to use as a cleaning kit by the fireplace and grill.

The companion set is well made and has a stylish rustic look, at the same time fulfils a decorative function.

index pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
24915 1 32 250