Clothes Brush

Solid, wooden brush for cleaning clothes, removes even minor pollution, fine pollen, hair and fur of your pet. It is irreplaceable when cleaning clothing – especially winter coats. It also works when you clean the sofa or upholstery.

The brush holder is made of durable beech wood. Available brush lengths are 29 cm and 26 cm. The bristles were made of nylon. It has a length of 2.5 cm making it ideal for cleaning clothes, upholstery furniture, carpets, car seats, fleece materials and shoes. The brush is durable and will last for many years.

High quality at a good price.

  • Type of wood: beech
  • Type of raw material: PPN
index dimensions
pcs./carton carton dimensions
pcs./pallet pallet dimensions
25790 290 30 170 x 325 x 250 3570 1230 x 830 x 1950