Brush for vegetables


The vegetable cleaning brush is a product for special tasks

The brush holder is made of durable beech tree. It is rounded and aesthetically finished.
Its size is 120x40x17 mm.

The luminaire is profiled in the shape of the digit 8 and provides a comfortable brush holder that perfectly adapts to your hand when cleaning vegetables


The 25 mm long bristles are very hard and made of raw union.

Optimally matched thickness, length and density of bristles and allows for thorough cleaning of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, beets, etc.

In our offer there are also available similar brushes ESB, EST, ESN, ESU and ESB8, EST8, ESN8, ESU8 and STB, STT, STU, STN

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
SWU 120x40x17 30 5400 190