Brush for crevices SFN

mosiężna szczotka do czyszczenia szczelin

Brush for crevices SFN is a specialized product of the Garden line designed to clean the gaps between terrace boards. This unique tool is especially recommended for renovation work.

The holder of the brush is made of durable beech wood, it has dimensions of 100x40x35 mm.
The holder has a hole with a plastic thread for attaching a 22 mm diameter shaft.

When mounting a handle, the angle of inclination is 45o, which makes all cleaning and renovation work easy and enjoyable.


The brush fiber is made of durable and strong raw material nylon.

The fiber is 40 mm long and is very rigid so that the slits between the boards can be thoroughly cleaned without damaging even the most delicate types of trees.

Optimally selected length and amount of fiber make possible to reach even difficult to reach areas between terrace boards. No other brush is so effective in cleaning the crevices.

When performing repair and renovation work, after cleansing with the brush SFN (step 1), we suggest using firstly a TAD brass brush (step 2) that will thoroughly clean the terraces, then we recommend using the TAN (step 3) brush to remove dirt. Finally we advise to paint the terrace with a TAP brush (step 4).

In our offer you may find other products for cleaning paving stones: SFM – brush with brass fiber, SFM.2 –brush with brass fiber and steel tip, SFG.1 – brush set of metal scraper and handle as well as handle set of 1400 mm handle and 3 interchangeable tips.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
SFN 100x40x35 10 400 175 1600x160x115