Bassine sweeper

Perfectly matched to your needs – this is the standard tool for homeowners and garden cleaners, factories and large halls sweepers.

The brush head was made of a sturdy beech tree. The edges are aesthetically finished, the sides are rounded, and thanks to the universal dimension 300x65x22 mm, the brush will fit into any cleaning cabinet.

22 mm in diameter plastic socket placed on the top of a housing for attachment of a handle.


70 mm long bristles are made from a natural bassine fiber, brown/beige in a natural colour. Optimally matched length and density of the bristles allows for thorough sweeping of both floors in apartments, as well as wooden terraces – especially fissures between the deck boards.

It also performs well when sweeping cobbled pavements, lawns or for example grilling places.

Bristles made out natural bassine fiber are more resistant to hot temperatures and outperform nylon ones when tasked with, for example – sweeping hot ashes from a fireplace.

In our offer Z30NB P with PET / PCV bristles – brush with handle and Z30BPU brushes are available.

index frame dimensions (mm) pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet height (cm) carton dimensions (mm)
Z30B 300x65x22 10 720 213 300x250x330
Z40B 400x65x22 10 540 213 400x250x330