3 pavement brushes set with shaft – 24526


3 pavement brushes set with shaft – 24526 is a specialized product of the Garden line designed to paving stones care. This unique tool is especially recommended for cleaning gaps in paved surfaces, removing dirt and grass.

The set consists of 3 removable brushes: SFG, SFM, SFN and 1400 mm long wooden handle.

The brush holder is made of beech wood, its dimensions are 100x40x35 mm.

The fiber of brushes is made of 3 types of material: strong steel wire, strong brass wire and rigid nylon.

The above types of material are 40 mm long and very rigid so that the slits between the boards can be thoroughly cleaned without leaving weeds and moss.

The optimum length and density of these types of fiber make it easy to reach difficult to reach places and will help you to remove all dirt and dirtiness. No other set of brushes is so effective in paving stone care.

The shaft hole has a diameter of 22 mm. It has been cut at an angle of 35o to keep the brush in a convenient position in order to make gardening work easy and enjoyable.

The plastic thread on the bezel will help you to replace the brush holders easily.

It is possible to order sets with 1500 mm handles.

In our offer you may find other products for cleaning paving stones: SFG – pavement brush, SFG.1 – brush set of metal scraper and steel handle, SFG.2, SFM, SFM.2 – pavement brush with wire brass, SFN.

index pcs./carton carton dimensions (mm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
24526 12 140x16x24 480 210
pcs./display display dimensions (cm) pcs./pallet pallet height (cm)
48 60x40x155 480 155