2in1: Nt Aluminum Telescopic Squeegee

Clay Mitt Towel

Maintaining cleanliness of the vehicles is important not only in winter, but during the whole year long. That’s why we’re presenting Aluminum Telescopic Squeegee – an incredibly practical tool to clean the windows and lights of your car.

The length of the product can extend from 530 mm to 840 mm depending on your needs. It happens thanks to the sliding handle which helps you avoid struggling while trying to remove the dirt from places which are hard to reach. The product is light enough not to make the process of cleaning exhausting and contains the convenient handgrip covered with two-coloured spongee that also gives you a feeling of comfort. The head of the squeegee is 200 mm wide and it consists of two parts – first side is a washer sponge while second is designed to dry window surface.

This product is a handy gadget that will for sure find its place in your car care equipment – because it’s easy to storage as well!

index carton dimensions [mm] pcs./carton pcs./pallet pallet dimensions [mm]
25196 770 x 380 x 420 40 240 / 600 1200 x 800 x 1200 / 2300